40 Before 40

Here’s the truth: I just celebrated my 39th birthday. 39!!!

I have been inspired by my friend and neighbour Lynn to write a 40 before 40 bucket list! There are many things I would love to do in order to add adventure to my life as well as to improve it, and the best way to do this is to set goals and write them down! So here is my list of 40 things I plan on doing before I turn 40!

  1. Go to Keji
  2. Explore the tangled garden
  3. Get my eyes tested
  4. Declutter my house
  5. Read 4 self improvement books
  6. Go to a concert/ live music
  7. Make a will
  8. Go rock climbing
  9. Call my Nan at least once a month
  10. Do a NS wine tour
  11. Visit a new beach in NS
  12. Hike 5 new trails
  13. Tidal Bore Rafting
  14. Take a weekend getaway by myself without the kids
  15. Lose 15 pounds minimum
  16. Go to Cape Breton
  17. Go to PEI
  18. Organize a big block party in my cul-de-sac
  19. Plan a big trip for my 40th
  20. Go one month alcohol free
  21. Have a spa day
  22. Book an appointment at least once a month for my health (ie. dentist/naturopath etc)
  23. Continue my blog for the year
  24. Have a date with Carlos once a month
  25. Do a family photoshoot
  26. Plan a trip with my mom to Montreal
  27. Start a pay it foward
  28. Give blood
  29. Go kayaking
  30. Host a dinner party
  31. Try pottery
  32. Sew something
  33. Go to a halifax social network meeting
  34. Start a gratitude journal
  35. Give everything to my veggie garden
  36. Write a letter to Linden and Lucia to read when they are older
  37. Fly a kite
  38. Have a picnic
  39. Make a vision board
  40. Start an Etsy shop

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