Why Thursdays are my Favourite

I cannot sing. This leads me to a fear of singing in public, stemmed by a traumatizing experience in Grade 6 when I had to write my own song and sing it in front of the class. Even at birthday parties, I just pretend that I am singing Happy Birthday. So when my neighbour told me I should join her for a Kindermusik class in Fall River I laughed and said “no thanks!”

I had other people recommend taking Linden to Kindermusik when he was a baby, but again, I didn’t want to go because I was sure I wouldn’t feel comfortable.

However, when I started to notice how much Lucia liked music and it seemed to make her happy, I decided to give it a chance. I tagged along with my neighbour, and the teacher assured me I didn’t have to sing if I wasn’t comfortable. The first few minutes I was unsure, but Lucia absolutely loved it. By the end of the class I was asking where I could sign up!

That was in October, and now it’s April and we are still going strong. Kindermusik is so much more than just singing and dancing with your baby. It is a great opportunity for your baby to socialize and interact with other babies their age as well as with the adults in the class. The teachers are beyond knowledgable about music and it’s connection to the brain. Miss Louise who is the owner of Joyful Sounds Music Studio in Fall River is so welcoming and always explains why we do the movements we do with our babies in order to create new pathways in the brain or to help them with their balance.

Carlos makes fun of me because I’m always excited for Thursdays to come around because I can’t wait for Kindermusik class. For me it’s an opportunity to spend focused one on one time with my sweet little girl, and to see her light up the way she does when she hears her favourite song is everything to me. I am currently on Maternity leave and it also gives me a great excuse to get out of the house and socialize with other moms.

Joyful Sounds Music Studio has classes for all ages. Miss Louise has offered for anyone who hasn’t been before to try a class for FREE! You can find the schedule on their website HERE. Give them a call or email to set up your free class and don’t forget to say Jen sent you! I promise, you won’t regret it!

*I have partnered with Joyful Sounds Music Studio but opinions are my own

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