Mother’s Day Gifts for the Online Shopper

Mother’s Day is coming up next month and you don’t want to leave planning something until the last moment! 

Last year I told Carlos that Mother’s Day is a very special day for me, and he needs to make a big deal for it because of a few reasons:  We share a birthday so it just gets cancelled out,  I am not the biggest fan of Christmas, AND being a mother is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life and it should be celebrated.  His response?  “You’re not my Mom!”  

Okay, before the claws come out, he was totally kidding!

I am all about experiences over material gifts, but it is nice to sometimes receive a little something to show you are thought about, so I have compiled a list of a few things for the online shopper!  A few of these items I already have and think they would make awesome gifts, and a few I have on my own wish list!  I have linked them right to Amazon, so just click on the picture to purchase or to see more information!


In most cases being a mom and coffee go hand in hand!  I have a thing for cute coffee mugs like this one here!  

Here’s a mug I would LOVE to have to up-level my coffee experience!  Most mom’s don’t get to drink their coffee while it’s still hot because they are trying to do a million things at once.  Well folks, this mug could be life-changing!  It is a temperature controlled mug that will keep your coffee hot until the last drop!  Mind BLOWN!


Baths are a way of relaxing for moms.  (Or just a good excuse to hide from their kids!)  Why not run a bath, pour some wine, light some candles and set it all up on this amazing bathtub caddy for the mom in your life to enjoy.  Give her the experience of relaxation.


Why not give the mom in your life something useful, like these make up remover cloths.  I actually have these and absolutely love them.  At the end of the day I am tired and washing my face is annoying when I just want to do nothing.  These cloths remove all of my makeup just with water!  They are reusable, so good for the environment and save me money in the long run by not having to buy makeup remover over and over again!


For the mom who likes to drink on her driveway with her neighbours, (haha that’s ME!)  these outdoor wine tumblers are perfect!  One of my favourite neighbours just gave me some for my birthday and I thought they were such an amazing gift!  Think summer time BBQ’s, beach, camping, outdoor concerts!  And the best part?  These ones claim to keep your drink cold for up to 9 hours!  (Not sure whose drink would last that long though!)


There’s something special about books, So why not surprise the mom in your life with a book about something that interests her!  I’ve been following Lindsey’s weaving journey on Instagram for a while now and would LOVE to have this book!  (wink wink Carlos).

If the Mom in your life isn’t into weaving, here is a must read book for all moms:

If you’ve enjoyed this list, or if you are a mom and would love to have something on this list for Mother’s Day, please share this post and let me (and your family) know which gift you would love to have the most!

*These are affiliate links

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